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Frank Migliorelli has written and published a library of music for advertising agencies, children's publishers and video game projects. He's produced recordings for Rounder Records-including the award-winning duo "Satan and Adam", Point Blank (Bill Perry-"Love Scars") and a number of other international releases. He's written and produced music that has appeared on NBC's television show "Homicide", an "X-Files" video game, numerous video games and educational programs for Scholastic and Sunburst, and even wrote a soundtrack for a "Chippendales" video!In addition to performing with The Dirt Nappers, Frank hosts a monthly songwriter showcase at The Green Growler in Croton on Hudson, NY. Starting it’s third season in the spring of 2017, the Singer-Songwriter Series features artists from Brooklyn to Boston, and beyond- performing original music, accompanied by a great selection of beer.

Was there something (an experience) or someone in your life that was the "catalyst" for you to start writing music? Tell us about it. I think I started writing tunes as some weepy teenager with a broken heart- I don't think those tunes ever made it out of the bedroom. The closest thing to a catalyst to write tunes was in college- I was in a band that entered a battle of the bands contest and you had to play original music as part of the performance- so I just started writing tunes- It just came out. We ended up in second place, and I liked the idea of writing, so I just kept at it.... Let's get this out of the way. What is the CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened to you in your music career​ I don't know if this is 'crazy', I got to meet Prince and sat down and chatted with him for a bit. A friend of mine knew Stevie Nick's stage manager- he invited us backstage, and to the after party after a show. At the party, Prince was sitting in the corner at a table, with a huge bodyguard. Everyone was kind of afraid to go over and talk to him. He was just looking around, and I had a few in me, so I said "Screw it"...I walked over to the table and said - "Hey, how are you-?" He just said "Pretty good-" and didn't seem to mind if when I sat in a chair across from him- I nodded at the bodyguard, and he gave me the once over, but I just started talking to Prince- I was a big fan of The Time, so we chatted about that band a bit, and what they were up to- Then Stevie Nicks shows up plops herself at the table- I was asking about working with Morris Day- and she blurted out "Morris does whatever the F-he wants to-" and I looked over at the bodyguard and said "Time to go-" He nodded, I stood up and Prince and I shook hands (he was wearing white gloves) I left the table- totally pleasant, and I still laugh about the whole encounter to this day! What has been the high point of your music path?​ Wow, I've worked with so many great musicians and players over the years-it's hard to pick one out- Satan and Adam was an amazing experience- that was a great duo I recorded for my indie label years ago- there's actually a film coming out about them hopefully this year. Working with the late Bill Perry was amazing. And I just helped Garland Jeffreys shoot a video for his new album- the song Venus.This new Dirt Napper album is a high point- I really felt comfortable with my performance and the songs- I'm really proud of the album-and hearing it on the radio, or in a podcast really is a BLAST!And I have to say, writing kids music - I did that for years and made a living - a teacher wrote a letter to the software company I was working for and told me the songs I had written for a bunch of science cartoons were being used in their school assembly. I should have asked for a copy of the production program- I would've sent it to my father who was always apprehensive of any career in music... So, how do you approach songwriting or what is your creative process like?​ Not sure where it comes from, but I'll hear a phrase or an interesting chord change, and I run with it- I have tons of little audio clips on my phone- I'm always throwing down ideas.... most of them get tossed, but I do end up pulling tunes out of that mix.....I usually write on my own, and frame out the basic structure of the tune- sometimes it happens quickly, and some tunes take for ever to finish- but I usually beat an idea into shape and try to craft a demo that sounds like what I want the tune to sound like- and then I let the rest of the band twist it and add parts- I pretty much like to have a feel defined before I turn a tune loose on the band..... What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Indie Artists today? Or, if you could ask the music industry to change one thing, what would it be?​ You just can't make money selling music anymore- it's all about playing live, and even that is an economic struggle- it's all about promotion and publishing- distribution used to be the challenge, but now it's all about how you promote yourself as an artist- It's hard to figure out what I'd change- at this point the industry has been disrupted into chaos- and all I really want to do is write tunes and maybe get some recognition as a decent songwriter....

Pick one song that was your greatest challenge to write. Tell us about it! Hmmmmmm.....good question- they all are a challenge at some point- I think the most interesting one was "Reach The Other Side" off of my first album-City Eastern Serenade - I like the way that tune flows dynamically- and I love playing it live. And "Rafferty Train"- I really wanted to nail the story of that song down-and I did- That song kind of flows like a movie.... Check out Rafferty Train by Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers

What's coming up in the future?​ Hopefully a revolution to take down Donald Trump, his family and his henchmen. But if you are talking about music? I'm releasing a song this summer that I picked up an honorable mention for in a songwriting contest in "American Songwriter" magazine, which was nice- and hopefully I can possibly do a few gigs over in the UK this fall- looking into that now. I also want to try to release a new record early next year- I'm already writing for that! Where can fans can access your music. My website has all the links. Tunes are posted on Soundcloud, Noisetrade and other sites all over!

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