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Swank Sinatra

Swank Sinatra is an upcoming hip-hop artist out of Denver, CO that started releasing music in 2017. Swank released two projects, “OLD WORLD, NEW LIFE” and “SWANK TAPES,” as well as performed multiple live shows in the short time he has started working on music. He has already released three more single this year titled, "Westbrook (Triple Double)", "Real Nigga Chronicles", and "Static.” His newest project, ‘Swank Tapes Vol. Two’ was just released and is available on all digital streaming platforms along with all of his other music.

Was there something (an experience) or someone in your life that was the "catalyst" for you to start writing music?

When my daughter was born, it made me wonder how I could be around her more as she grew up and how I can make an impact on my generation and the new generation coming up. I felt like there was no other way to do that than through music.

Let's get this out of the way. What is the CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened to you in your music career?

The craziest thing that has ever happened to me in my music career is DJ Kool Herc liking my first ever single preview on Instagram.

What has been the high point of your music path?

The high point, so far, in my music path has been getting a chance to perform in a music festival with a 40-minute set just within the first few months after starting in this path for the Underground Music Festival in Denver, CO.

So, how do you approach songwriting or what is your creative process like?

My process starts with selecting a beat. Then I look for a concept for a hook. Once that's done, I start writing the hook. Then I write the verse making sure that it relates to the hook. I choose my titles at the end after I have already finished with the whole song.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Indie Artists today? Or, if you could ask the music industry to change one thing, what would it be?

The biggest challenge facing independent artists today is the process of growing your fan base.

If you could share the stage with one other artist or band, who would it be and why?

If I could share the stage with one other artist, it would be Kendrick Lamar because of the authenticity he brings to the music industry and because he's one of the few rappers that I know are one of the greatest.

Take a break to enjoy Swank's music video for his song "Real Nigga Chronicles"

What are your rehearsals generally like? Or, how do you prepare for a live show?

My process for my rehearsals for a live show is by practicing once to twice a week for about 10 to 15 minutes. I also do a lot of cardio leading up to a live show.

Pick one song that was your greatest challenge to write. Tell us about it!

The one song that was my greatest challenge to write was "No Biggie" because it was my first time writing a story-telling format type of rap.

What's coming up in the future?

Have more live performances, music videos for singles, and keep my fan-base growing.

Tell us where fans can access your music.

open.spotify.com/artist/7dMtFaqGyPl9OG5gO9m8s3 itun.es/us/WSmjlb

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