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Cole - 'If I'm Really'

Cole, age 18, is a young, up and coming alternative-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, ukulele and keys). She collaborated with a stellar team to release her debut self-titled album followed by her release of "Two Faced" which was co-written with Jenn Rykers. "Two Faced" is currently charting at #141 on DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart. Cole is passionate about helping other through music and donates her time to many charities. Cole has attracted some of the biggest names in the industry to work with including producers for Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor. She has also worked with and has a song produced by Grammy Award winning Engineer/Producer Francis Buckley.

Cole's song "If I'm Really" will be featured on BWH Music Group's compilation project "THAT SUMMER" by Various Artists. 10 Questions asked Cole about her song, the summer and more!

What is "If I'm Really" about and how do you think it fits into a project about the summer?

Basically, it's just laying it all out there and asking exactly what you need to know. It's about relationships, ones that may have started out as friends and developed into more but not sure where the relationship stands at some point. Where you're kinda stuck in the middle, not knowing exactly where you stand, but wanting a better understanding of where you are. Ya know, sometimes you may be in a guy/girl/best friends kind of relationship but, after a while, it ends up seeming like a little more, maybe you talk a lot, confide in each other, maybe you hang out a lot. Maybe one wants to cross that line, but the other doesn't, but still feels the other is important to have in a relationship, so it says how special that person is.

But, still that question remains, so..."You tell me that I'm something special." Ok, then "why am I special, in what way, and what does special mean to you?" Obviously, special means something different to each. Special as a "friend only special" or ......Inquiring minds need to know! LOL! As for it fitting into a project about the summer, it's known that summer time brings many new relationships into play. Sometimes, those only last for the summer. This can be because students are home for the summer and hanging out and meeting new people, but then have to go back to school. I have friends who don't want long distance relationships so even though they have a strong connection with someone over the summer, they break it off to go back to school. Someone is left wondering "If I'm Really" something special, then.......In reality, relationships can be very confusing!

That is a great description and we get it! It's so true. Can you tell us a bit about how you wrote the song?

So, sometimes, out of nowhere, I get in the mood to write, and I'll just pick up my guitar and start a melody that I'm hearing. And, the words will just come. This was one of those times. It just came to me. Maybe, just maybe, there was something on a subconscious level going on. Sometimes, I honestly can't say. I not only write from my own experiences, but sometimes after listening to what my friends go through, I'll feel like writing. I once went to a show to watch a couple of friends play. They play country music. While I love them, I'm not a country artist, so I went home after the show and wrote a song about why I'm not a country artist. It was all in fun and made people laugh and it even was requested often at my gigs. LOL!

That's very cool. I love that you're having fun doing what you love. So...looking back, what was the best summer of your life and why?!

The best summer ever was when I was 16 and flew to NYC to work with Jeremy from Kinetics & One Love, along with Dave from The El3ven. They've worked with Meghan Trainor, Melanie Martinez, and a lot of other artists I look up to, so it was really cool to collaborate with them. Our song "Over" is up on my SoundCloud.

There are so many amazing artists on the compilation CD! Can you talk about a time in your career where you have collaborated with other artists and describe that experience for us?

This is so true! I looked over the roster and was in awe; all the artists are so amazing! I just turned 18. I've collaborated, but I want to do more of this and am always open to the idea. For more than one reason, one of my favorite collaborations was in NYC with Jeremy from the Kinetics & One Love and The El3ven. I love what they offered my song "Over," and they were so nice and respectful of my experience. They treated me as an equal, even though I was so young and had so much to learn still. Another amazing and fun collaboration is when I traveled to Nashville to write with Jenn Rykert. We had a blast writing "Two Faced," and it's been recently charting and being played on several radio stations. So, that's super cool too! :)

'The compilation, "THAT SUMMER by Various Artists', is all about songs that have something positive or remind us of Summer in some way. With that in mind, can you tell us how making music has had a positive impact on your life?

Well, it seems like I've been doing music forever. Even before I took my first writing camp (age 12) and realized this is my passion, I remember stapling papers together to make a book. I was in elementary school at the time. I'm told ever since 1st grade, I'd come home, sit at the piano, and play as best I could the songs we were singing in our school rehearsals for plays. I'd staple my little books and write whatever came to mind. Rhyming was always fun, and I'd try to sing my writings as songs. I didn't even know it at the time that I was actually creating melodies for my writings (songs). I really didn't realize all that in elementary school was working up to me being a singer/songwriter. Once I took my first camp and performed my first song, I was hooked. I kept going for more and more. Standing in front of a crowd, being vulnerable and singing is tough. The crowd has lots to judge. When I get positive feedback, it's a great feeling. It can do wonders for the soul. The more I get, the more I want to do. It keeps me on a good track. Music plays such a huge part in today's world, without you even knowing it at times. It's in every single aspect of life, I believe. To be a part of making or providing music is the best feeling ever; it's out for the world to hear, and we songwriters hope many will hear our music and actually listen and feel something.

Where do you live or work? What is the music scene like there? Is there anything special that goes on in June, July or August in your neck of the woods?!

I live in Montgomery, TX. It's a small town NW of Houston, TX. I'm in high school and graduating this year, but I've been gigging the greater Houston area for about 4 years now, playing at venues, festivals, and benefits. I feel we have a great music scene here. It's known that our bars/restaurants, clubs and music halls have long provided a springboard for a wide range of musicians. We have some really cool "listening rooms," and I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to perform in a couple of these. Houston's summer fun things to do: End of May (close enough to June, right!) is the Comicpalooza, the largest pop culture festival in Texas! June 5th, Dua Lipa will be in town to perform at the Revention Music Center, so that's really cool. In July, The Woodlands (northwest Houston) offers a Freedom Festival. The Woodlands has a super cool vibe near a waterway, and it's always lots of fun to be involved in or attend anything in that area. At the end of August, Galveston Island holds the AIA SandCastle Competition. It's super cool to see all the creativity that happens on the beach. So, seriously, never a dull moment here. From Space Center Houston (home to NASA's Mission Control) to the largest Fine Arts Museum in the Southwest, there is always something to do.

Describe your favorite vacation! Do you ever take a vacation or a break from writing, playing or performing music?

Several summers, when we'd take a family vacation and go down to Port Mansfield and stay for a full week. It's a tiny fishing town down Texas Road 186, which dead ends in Port Mansfield. There is nothing to do there except fish and visit. I'd completely detach from anything I'd do on a normal day at home, even music! There may be a couple of restaurant there. Some homes don't even have a great internet connection. Some of us would fish during the day, then we'd all sit down to dinner (whatever was caught that day), then we'd play card games after dinner. Some of us would play card games while waiting for dinner. Some would choose to not fish and nap during the day and maybe fish later. It was totally unplanned and just go with the flow for a full week; such a relaxing week. We'd stop at Walmart on the way into town, and we'd buy lots of food and drinks to take with us (lots of junk food was allowed too). Great memories that I want to make more of!

Do you have a favorite music festival that you play in or attend or is there one summer music festival you would love to play in?

There are so many! Let's see...One I really wanted to attend this summer, but I couldn't get tickets, is Coachella. First off, it's in a beautiful valley. What's not to love about that. And, lots of my favorite artists and bands have played Coachella. To one day play Coachella myself is definitely one of my ultimate goals. Another is the Montauk Music Festival. The setting is so inviting, being at one of the most idyllic beach communities on the east coast. I was actually invited to perform there this year, but the festival is held during the same weekend I'll be graduating high school. They were very understanding and said I have an open invitation to next year's event, so I'm putting that on my calendar now and am very excited for that opportunity. As mentioned in Question 9, I'm always excited when asked to perform in festivals in and around my hometown, so I'm hoping to always stay in the loop for those.

Looking beyond the Summer, what is on your radar for 2018-2019?

I am looking forward to writing new songs and collaborating on future projects. I'm always interested in playing fun festivals, so I'm hoping I'll get to do more of that. Of course, close to my heart, are the festivals close to my hometown that allowed me to play ever since I first started performing.

Tell us where fans can access your music.

On my website. Thank you!

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