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Nina Amelio - 'Savage Love'

British Columbia, Canada based Pop recording artist Nina Amelio has achieved enormous recognition and radio success. At present, Nina is on over 60 radio stations worldwide broadcasting in the UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and New Zealand to name a few; 15 broadcasts are on FM frequency). In addition, Nina was feature on the award winning podcast, Women of Substance's June top 20 countdown. Nina is signed with Elite Management, Arrow and Spark (Arrow music Agency Seattle l Nashville and Los Angeles). Currently “Savage Love” has over 400,000 (400K) plays on Soundcloud and has garnished international radio rotation. Nina's single “Faded Away” won Singer Universe Best Vocalist of the month and was nominated for best POP song at the Hollywood Music in Media awards.

Nina's song "Savage Love' was chosen for BWH Music Group's compilation project "THAT SUMMER by Various Artists'. 10 QUESTIONS talked to Nina about her song, the summer and more!

What song do you have featured on 'THAT SUMMER by Various Artists'? What is the song about and how do you think it fits into a project about the summer? The song is called Savage Love. It is about a passionate relationship. Good or bad, it is very explosive, filled with love. As the saying goes, there is always a very fine line between love and hate. Its a fun song and I thought it would be great for a summer album.

We thought so too! It add something different to mix. Can you tell us a bit about how you wrote the song? I had some poetry and Lyrics I had for another project. The producer and co writer didn't use them. Once I received a Grant from FACTOR Canada I decided to use them with co - writer Mark Zubek.

Let's take a listen to the song on Youtube. This video is amazing!

Looking back, what was the best summer of your life and why?!

That's a hard one. I am going to say the summer of 08. I went to Italy that summer and met cousins I never met before. My step brother passed away in 2010 so it was a time when I had my family all together.

I understand. That sound like a summer to cherish.

Nina, 'The compilation, "THAT SUMMER by Various Artists', is all about songs that have something positive or remind us of Summer in some way. With that in mind, can you tell us how making music has had a positive impact on your life?

I also teach voice and stage lessons so it has a huge impact on me when I see my students go on to do great things. very positive and rewarding. I once heard a musician I cant remember who said it but your just compelled to make music.

Where do you live or work? What is the music scene like there? Is there anything special that goes on in June, July or August in your neck of the woods?!

I live in the Kootenays in British Columbia Canada. In July I will be performing at the Annual Kootenay Festival. It is a festival to showcase art and culture in the area.

Looking beyond the Summer, what is on your radar for 2018-2019?

Plans and goals beyond the summer. I will be heading to the UK early fall for some music ventures.stay tuned at ninamelio.com or on Instagram.

Tell us where fans can access your music.

They can listen on all streaming and downloading sites.

Spotify or www.ninaamelio.com/listen

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