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C.K. & The Rising Tide

Driven by his fresh fusion of alt-country, indie rock and Americana, Hudson Valley, NY singer-songwriter C.K. Flach’s insightful and provocative music has garnished significant accolades, radio rotation and coveted festival slots.

C.K. & The Rising Tide's song "Friends" will be featured in BWH Music Group's compilation project "THAT SUMMER" by Various Artists. 10 QUESTIONS interviewed C.K about the song, the summer and more!

What song do you have featured on 'THAT SUMMER by Various Artists'? What is the song about and how do you think it fits into a project about the summer?

Our song is the single off of our new album American Romance, it's called 'Friends'. It's a sort of coming of age narrative, based on some things I (Curtis) and people around me went through when I was in my early twenties and I wanted a way to sum up some of the experiences and emotions I was entertaining. It felt good to get that one written and I think it set the tone for the rest of the album. I think the music with the harmonica and playful organ really bleeds summertime. The whole thing is upbeat and we even did a choir vocal over top of one of the quieter parts and it reminds me of a summer haze. Really cool, in my opinion.

Can you tell us a bit about how you wrote the song?

I went through a lot of editing and revisions during the writing phase. I really wanted it to come out just right. I had been reading Kerouac's 'On the Road' during that time and I think that had a big influence on some of the language and the themes I used for expression. I had the chord progression for the verses in my mind for a while, but never wrote with it until one day I was goofing around and played them together much faster than I normally would. I really liked it and am really thrilled with the finished product.

Looking back, what was the best summer of your life and why?!

The summer after I graduated college was really great. I felt free and was writing music and drumming in a band. I went to a ton of festivals and shows with friends as well. It was a blast really.

There are so many amazing artists on the compilation CD! Can you talk about a time in your career where you have collaborated with other artists and describe that experience for us?

I haven't done any writing with other artists which I would like to do at some point. I want it to be organic so I've never pushed for it. My bandmates and I have really struck up a great chemistry and I think it shows on the record.

The compilation, "THAT SUMMER by Various Artists', is all about songs that have something positive or remind us of Summer in some way. With that in mind, can you tell us how making music has had a positive impact on your life?

Writing music has given me a really important outlet for expression. It's something I never had before and didn't realize how much I needed it. It's been life changing and influential in ways I can't even describe. The experiences, friendships, wins and losses have been life shaping. I wouldn't change any of it.

Where do you live or work? What is the music scene like there? Is there anything special that goes on in June, July or August in your neck of the woods?!

I live and work near Albany, NY. The music scene is surprisingly active between the venues, artist and opportunities. I'm pretty fortunate honestly. There is a great bluegrass festival every July pretty close to my house and I've been going with my friends now for about 8 years. It was one of the things that pushed me into songwriting and performing. It gets a little bigger every year and at first we had three of us going and now I have about a dozen friends that come out for the long weekend. I always joke around that it's better than Christmas.

Describe your favorite vacation! Do you ever take a vacation or a break from writing, playing or performing music?

I do things in cycles. Writing, recording and performing. I usually don't mix the three. If I'm recording I don't book gigs etc.unless something special comes up. I think that helps me stay fresh and not get burned out or overwhelmed. My favorite vacation is in a book. I do a lot of reading and I think that's the best escape you can ask for.

The music scene seems to be bursting with Summer Music Festivals. Do you have a favorite music festival that you play in or attend or is there one summer music festival you would love to play in? I would love to play Wilco's Solid Sound Festival over in North Adams, Mass. I've been a few times and love it. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's biannual instead of annual.

Looking beyond the Summer, what is on your radar for 2018-2019?

We are releasing our first album in May we really want to get out there and promote and play shows. We have a couple of music videos planned and other cool things so I'm excited for that.

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