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Ava Kolker

Was there something (an experience) or someone in your life that was the "catalyst" for you to start writing music? Tell us about it.

Yes, actually. When I was 12, I had a mad crush on a boy, and after spending a weekend at an event with him and our families, I decided to write a song about him. That was my first song, it was called eventually, and it started my love of songwriting and singing.

Let's get this out of the way. What is the CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened to you in your music career?

Hmm, that’s a hard one. I would say being posted on spotify’s story asking people to stream my upcoming song! That was CRAZY!!

What has been the high point of your music path?

I think once I performed in front of 3000 people in Orlando, and it was such a rush, I brought some of my fans on stage with me and loved every second.

So, how do you approach songwriting or what is your creative process like?

Usually, when I am ready to write a song, I come up with a concept, usually very relevant to what I am going through, and I try to be very real and raw and it’s almost like it’s just adding music to my diary. I then meet with my songwriters, and we choose a track and then start working on the story I want to tell and we start working on the lyrics together until we come up with the verses and the chorus etc… then, we finetune a few times and record and sometimes we change it up during the recording process too.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Indie Artists today? Or, if you could ask the music industry to change one thing, what would it be?

I think the music business has changed so much over the years with music going away from physical records and radio to streaming services. It’s finding the balance between using your different social media platforms to promote your music but also it is expensive to promote music today if you don’t have a label so it’s finding the balance of the investment vs the returns of putting your music out there. Guess I wish streams and placement on playlist would be more organic regardless of budget.

If you could share the stage with one other artist or band, who would it be and why?

Definitely Harry Styles. He is so iconic and I can’t even imagine sharing the stage with him. He gets the crowds to go crazy and his stage presence is insane. His energy is just contagious.

What are your rehearsals generally like? Or, how do you prepare for a live show?

I usually prepare in a studio that has a stage so that I can practice choreo and stage management but I haven’t done a lot of live performances yet so I am sure that will evolve as that becomes a bigger part of my music journey.

Pick one song that was your greatest challenge to write. Tell us about it!

I think “Ahead of Me”. It’s about my cousin who was my best friend who passed away at 15 years old, and it was so personal, and it was such a difficult time for me, it took me months to be ready to tackle to challenge of writing about him. I also didn’t want it to only be sad but wanted to speak about the devastation that comes from that type of loss but also the hope that can come from the healing process and hoping for a better future than those painful moments when the loss first happens.

What's coming up in the future?

I have quite a few unreleased songs and I am working with my team on whether to continue releasing singles or releasing an ep next so lots of new music so stay tuned!

Tell us where fans can access your music?

You can find everything here https://linktr.ee/avakolker


About Ava Kolker

Born in California, Ava Kolker has been acting since she could walk and talk. Her first screen role came on the first season of "American Horror Story" at the age of four. Since then, Ava has worked on many different movies and television shows, including her major guest star recurring role on all three seasons of the Emmy-nominated Disney television series, "Girl Meets World", and most recently her series regular role on "Sydney to the Max" where she played Olive for 3 seasons. Next, she will be seen in the feature film "Manifest West" coming out on nov 11. In addition to acting, Ava is a Singer/songwriter who has 5 original singles out and will be coming out with one more on nov 11.

When not acting, Ava enjoys the outdoors such as playing tennis, hiking, swimming and going to the beach, as well as working on her black belt in mixed martial arts.


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