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Emily Cole

Emily Cole’s self-titled debut album (October 2015) was produced by Eddie Ferguson of Lucky Run Studio in Houston, Texas. Ferguson is known for his work alongside Matthew Knowles (father of music superstar Beyoncé) and Max Gousse of Def Jam Records. Emily has since released several singles including “Over” which was produced in New York City by members of the popular music trio, The Elev3n, and by Hip-Hop artist Kinetics. Another single, “If I’m Really,” was released in 2017 with proceeds donated to help families impacted by Hurricane Harvey. This song was also picked up by BWH Music Group's That Summer, Volume 1, by Various Artists. This album is among The Year’s Most Exceptional Music Projects Nominated in The 17th Annual Independent Music Awards. Emily is steadily releasing a series of singles (with producer Eddie Ferguson) for a full length album to be released this year. With an ability to play guitar, ukulele, keyboard, bass and mandolin, Emilay acquired her passion for songwriting at age 12 while attending the Real Life Real Music Songwriting Camp directed by Kyle Hutton. An invitation to showcase in Nashville resulted in Emily collaborating with long-time songwriter, Jenn Rykert and the song "Two-Faced" was born from that session. As a sought-after performer, Emily was a featured performer on “Real Life Real Music,” a one-hour, weekly radio program recorded live at Dosey Doe Big Barn in Woodland, Texas. She has also performed live at Dosey Doe, at the 2018 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Winter Show and most recently with High School Nation. When Emily isn’t working on new music, she can be found donating her time to help others. She participated in the Tonic Music Series put on by Love Street Light Circus. As part of that event, Emily visited Texas Children’s Hospital and performed for cancer patients and their families. She has also performed for patients at Truman W. Smith’s Children’s Care Center in Gladewater, Texas. Emily will be featured on That Summer, Volume 2 , a sizzling summer compilation album hosting the best independent artists, from around the world, in multiple genres.

1. What is the name of the song you have featured on ‘That Summer, Volume 2’ - How does your song remind you of summer or how does it fit into a summer album? Dead Feelings! It's one of my more upbeat songs, and I'm so excited to be apart of this.

2. What is the inspiration behind your song? Or what is your song about? Dead Feelings is basically about how even though you may struggle with anxiety, you don't have to resort to drugs and alcohol to "numb" how you feel. It's a topic that really needs to be talked about more, so I went ahead and wrote a song about it!

3. How did you write your featured song? Or can you describe your songwriting process?

I usually write my songs based off of common topics- Karma, Dead Feelings, Two Faced, etc.- combined with personal experiences. Every once in a while, I'll write a song while I'm half asleep at 2 in the morning, and just make up scenarios. I wrote a few little books when I was younger, so it's always fun to get into that mindset!

4. Of every song you have ever written, what is your favorite and why?

Karma! It's a completely true story. Some people that I thought were my friends ended up being the exact opposite, and I never really knew how to cope with how I felt. It's just one of those things that a lot of people go through, and I think a lot of people can relate to the song.

5. Who or what has inspired you most in your music career?

I grew up watching Taylor Swift documentaries, Selena Gomez releasing her first album, and watching the literal world premiere of Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana (completely coincidentally, no lie), so all of them definitely inspired me at a young age to pursue doing what I loved! Then I started listening to people like Melanie Martinez and Ariana Grande, which eventually led me to discovering Billie Eilish. It's crazy how you can be influenced by so many people in so many different ways, and combine those influences into something completely unique.

6. Tell us where you live and what the music scene is like there?

I live about an hour or so northwest of Houston, Texas in a town called Montgomery. I usually play gigs around the greater Houston area once or twice every weekend, with my duo partner Andrew being awesome and joining me often!

7. Do you have any advice for new independent artists who are just starting out?

Go for it and be yourself! As long as you're doing what makes you happy, that's all that matters.

8. What are your plans for the summer? Doing anything fun and exciting?

Besides working on new music, I plan on spending time with my friends and family! Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to take the time to just chill, so it's definitely something I want to incorporate into my days off.

9. What’s coming up in the future

Wellllll, I just got off of the High School Nation Spring Tour! I joined them for their last week, and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I've also been writing and recording in hopes of releasing an album by the end of 2019!

10. Tell us where fans can access your music.



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