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Kate Magdalena is a singer-songwriter who combines memorable melodies and meaningful lyrics for an engaging musical experience you won't soon forget. Her songwriting began through her poetry writing, and by setting a few poems to music by great poets like W.B. Yeats and Robert Frost, and then in discovering a love of writing which came from deep within. She has always been a singer, but it is only now that she is putting her music first professionally, after a career as a teacher and chaplain. She hopes that in pursuing her own dream later in life, she might inspire others to follow their dreams. Kate Magdalena is one of the featured artists on BWH Music Group's upcoming album, Keepin' It Country.

What is the name of the song you have on ‘Keepin’ It Country, Vol. One’? "Streets of Any Town"

What is the inspiration behind your song? Or what is your song about? The song is about the homeless filling our nations' streets, what they are facing, and how as a society we might make a better response.

How did you write your featured song? Or can you describe your songwriting process? I had an encounter with a homeless man on the bustling honky tonk street of Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. He told me how much he wanted to get off the streets, but his heroin addiction just wouldn't let up; each time he attempted to quit, the withdrawals left him lying on the street, only to picked up by cops and taken to the hospital, which released him again to the streets in a vicious downward cycle. The next morning, the words began to circulate in my head, "On the corner of the streets of any town." I began to imagine how the encounter with the homeless man might have taken place on any street, in any town across the country. The songwriting process for this song was the most intense that I have ever experienced. The song lived in my heart, mind, soul and blood for several days while it demanded to be written. The beat that came was insistent, and felt like someone running along those streets. The biggest surprise for me of all came at the last verse, which superimposed Jesus laying himself down on the cross, as the homeless man is laying his body down. I loved the way this link seemed to complete the idea that caring for the homeless, was in fact caring for the 'least' of our fellow human beings in just the way Jesus had taught.

If you could share the stage with one Country artist, who would it be?! Alison Krauss

Who ro what has inspired you the most in your music career? Loreena McKennitt the Canadian-Irish singer songwriter; when I first heard her music in 1991 playing in a small cafe on Divisadero Street in San Francisco, I felt as if I was hearing something utterly new and different than I had heard before, yet recalling a world long gone by. It was then that I began to long to sing like she did, with the Celtic harp. And so began my love affair with the harp.

How did you first get introduced to Country music? Or what made you decide to pursue Country music? Honestly, I feel as if I am both a newcomer on the scene, while at the same time Country has always been a genre I felt drawn to and that I would be good at. With the release of my first Nashville single "Take Me to Church," I came on to the scene of Country music, and the song went into Play MPE's top 20 in Country! I recently released the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and the same thing occurred, leading me to believe that I could be successful in country music. I am drawn to Country pop, and country folk rock.

Of the songs you have written, which one was the most challenging to write and why? Actually, none of my songs have been difficult to write. Songwriting is quite a magical process, and I don't really understand it. A song will kind of tap me on the shoulder with an idea, a riff, a jingling melody -- it asks to be written....truthfully it's a spiritual process in a way, as I am staying open to inspiration. However Streets of Any Town was the most dynamic to write, it was completely all consuming for three days solid.

Where do you live and how is the Country music scene there!? I live in Northern CA, in Sonoma County, about an hour north of San Francisco. I think the country music scene in the Bay Area is alive and well, and more and more people enjoy country music, especially country rock.

So, what’s coming up in the future? In September, I'm releasing my album produced and recorded in Nashville with Billy Smiley. I'm in the process of releasing songs leading up to the full release. I'm putting my show together and hoping to take it on the road, as well as to do venues locally in the Bay Area. And I'm at work on my next album, and will be heading back to Nashville in the fall to record. I don't know exactly how my career will pan out, but I'm going to enjoy every minute that I can! I'm hoping to bring my music to audiences throughout the US, and even internationally one day.

Tell us where fans can access your music. The best place to check out my music is: Spotify | Soundcloud | Website

Along with Kate Magdalena 's Song “Streets of Any Town”, BWH Music Group’s Keepin' It Country, Vol. One, by Various Artists, will host an eclectic mix of 17 songs today's best Independent Country Artists and Songwriters.

Stayed tuned for the release of Keepin It Country, Vol. One, by Various Artists, just in time for Labor Day, 2019! The album will be released worldwide on CDbaby and available on all major digital outlets.

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