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Loretta Holloway

Was there something (an experience) or someone in your life that was the "catalyst" for you to start writing music? Tell us about it.

The songs I've written thus far are based on life's experiences or relationships I've had and words said or emotions felt that moved me to write a song about it. "Feels Like Love Again" my 2nd new single was inspired by an actual meeting. The original title was "I Never Knew His Name," but was changed when the music score got altered in the studio.

Let's get this out of the way. What is the CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened to you in your music career?

I was appearing at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand when a group of very festive Australians came to the show. I could immediately tell they were in the business. One asked me to sing Waltzing Matilda. I asked, "What is a Matilda" and a very distinguished showbiz gentleman in the group said. "I can sing it." I invited him to the stage to sing. After my performance, I met the group and discovered that they were in the television and production industry. We exchanged information and six months later I get a call from Compare Paul Sharratt asking me how would I like to do a Royal Command Performance for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in Australia in celebration of their Commonwealth Games. It was one of the highlights of my career to meet the Queen, sing with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and represent the United States in this performance. You never know who is in your audience, so I always strive to give my best on every stage I appear.

What has been the high point of your music path?

One of my best moments came when I returned to my home state of South Carolina for a homecoming performance at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts. I was accompanied by the Greenville Youth Symphony and all of my gowns were designed by Stephen Yearick. To see my Father and Mother sitting ringside together for the first time and seeing me on this stage and setting will always be the highest point in my career.

So, how do you approach songwriting or what is your creative process like?

I usually write from a melody first and if I hear a phrase or thought in conversation or such, I will write it down for future use.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Indie Artists today? Or, if you could ask the music industry to change one thing, what would it be?

The biggest challenge for Indie Artists is securing the financial backing to properly advertise, promote, push and keep your project mainstream. As far as changing one thing in the music industry, in my opinion, it's too late. There are no filters on the lyrics anymore or the names we call ourselves. There is nothing left to the imagination. The profanity used in lyrics is just beyond raw and crude. It's sad to see so many artists especially female artists exploiting themselves in the way they dress or lack thereof and in their movements and mannerisms. I'm thinking of the influence this has on our children and society as a whole. It's just too late. This is why I have always presented myself in a very respectful and classy way and always will. I hold myself accountable.

If you could share the stage with one other artist or band, who would it be and why?

TONY BENNETT, his orchestra, and at the Kennedy Center. He is the last pure singer from the last greatest music era. He heard me in Las Vegas sing an arrangement of his song “IF I RULED THE WORLD.” We met after my performance. I would have loved to have been on his DUET SERIES.

What are your rehearsals generally like? Or, how do you prepare for a live show?

I chose all my material whether it is all Jazz or a combination of Jazz and Contemporary Music performance. I rehearse first with my Music Director pianist. We work out the arrangements and then rehearse with the rest of the musicians. I usually rehearse two times and musicians must read music. Sometimes, music just falls into place without charts if I get an idea for the treatment of a song we all know and want to try.

Pick one song that was your greatest challenge to write. Tell us about it!

None of the songs I’ve written so far was a challenge. Sometimes, I have written a song in a few hours.

What's coming up in the future?

I am preparing for a concert at the TRAX VISUAL Arts Center & Staples in Lake City, SC., in conjunction with an artist and his paintings to celebrate WALKING WITH THE ANCESTORS. September 1, 2022. Recording and filming videos with JusJo Records (Joseph JoJo Williams) of two more original songs and I have been cast as Billie Holiday in the Off-Broadway Production of "Sang Sista Sang" written by Mickey Stevenson (America's A&R Man for Motown Records).

Tell us where fans can access your music?


"In an age of manufactured pop tarts and starlets, Holloway stands out for her rich, authentic, and powerful sound. People can't help but love it."

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About Loretta Holloway

Loretta Holloway, a native of Belton South Carolina, was officially proclaimed by the Senate of South Carolina as “South Carolina’s Official First Lady of Song." She was a familiar face in the showrooms of Las Vegas and Atlantic City and opened for headliners Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Don Rickles, and Jerry Lewis. Her career in Las Vegas recently earned her the title of "A Las Vegas Legend." Holloway was presented to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in a "Royal Command Performance" in Brisbane, Australia.

In 2015, Holloway was voted "Jazz Artist of the Year" by the South Carolina Music Awards, and WYFF TV 4 listed Holloway as "One of "25 Notable African Americans from South Carolina, she was also proclaimed by the Anderson County Council "As An Anderson County Treasure," and honored as one of "South Carolina’s Women of Substance." Mayor Sharpe James presented her with the Key to the City of Newark, New Jersey. Holloway released her book "Inside Loretta" in 2021 now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon Books.

Learn more at: www.Lorettaholloway.com


Spotify or Soundcloud Link:: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1aTcg3nKIaPpcGqdh9j3NT


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