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Luna Keller

18-year old Luna Keller grew up in a musical family. Her father plays piano, guitar and bass and her mother plays piano and sings. By age 8, Luna was singing in a choir and trying different instruments. Soon, she fell in love with the guitar and started writing her own songs. Today, Luna records in her home studio with her father and Uli Pfannmüller who is a veteran music producer and audio engineer. Luna has also collaborated with renowned musicians including Bruce White (Peter Gabriel, U2, Coldplay, Adele) who played viola on her debut single, "Sunset". Luna's two singles "Packing my Bags" and "Young Love" gained worldwide recognition and critical acclaim. In 2018, “Packing My Bags” was on the IMA nominated album That Summer, Volume 1 by BWH Music Group and it was also used in a Starbucks ad campaign! Luna is a Hollywood Songwriter Contest finalist, an American Songwriter Nominee for her single, "Black and Blue", and a Music City Songstar Finalistist for her song "Burning House." Currently, Luna has an upcoming EP titled Alice Is InLove With The Mad Hatter inspired by the book Alice in Wonderland. Luna hails from the sunny island of Tenerife where she can be found busking for the locals. She has also played stages and events throughout Ireland. Luna has written for the International Day for Violence Against Women and Ocean and Environmental Day which was celebrated on the “My Heart Beats Blue Event” hosted by the internet television station 24-7tenerifetv. Luna will be featured on That Summer, Volume 2 ,a sizzling summer compilation album that will host the best indepedent artists, from around the world, in multiple genres.

1. What is the name of the song you have featured on ‘That Summer, Volume 2’ - How does your song remind you of summer or how does it fit into a summer album?

"We Are All Mad Here" is a song with positive vibes and a colorful message which are perfect for a road-trip on summer or a day at the beach singing and dancing... and being a little mad together (in a good way).

2. What is the inspiration behind your song? Or what is your song about?

The song is about celebrating diversity. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you believe in, who you love, in which body you belong... because we are all mad anyway and that's ok. This is a very important message especially in these times where division and discrimination aren't seldom. And it's not about fighting against anyone. It's about erasing the line between "us and them" and being happy together. Because there's beauty in that, and it's wonderful to be surrounded by different colorful people.

3. How did you write your featured song? Or can you describe your songwriting process?

I knew I wanted to create an Alice in Wonderland inspired project, and the idea of applying the "We Are All Mad Here" concept to the real world was there from the beginning. Writing the song itself took about two hours. I sat in my room with my guitar and played around with different melodies and lyrics until the song emerged from all that madness.

4. Of every song you have ever written, what is your favorite and why?

I might actually be "We Are All Mad Here", because I stand behind it's message a 100%. Tolerance is one of my main principles and I'm proud of expressing that through one of my songs. But on a personal level, the song that has helped me through the most difficult times is "I don't know where I'm going", so I guess that would be my favorite. This is a very hard question, I could probably come up with solid arguments for all of my songs... Shall we move on?

5. Who or what has inspired you most in your music career?

My parents, their musicality and support have made me the musician I am. They have taught me more than anybody and given me the opportunity to explore different approaches to music. As to outside influences, musicians like James Blunt, Jack Savoretti and bands like Coldplay and The Beatles have inspired me and made me love music a lot.

6. Tell us where you live and what the music scene is like there?

I live in the south of Tenerife where the music scene is almost reduced to touristic bars and cover bands. But in the north of the island there're clubs and bars where really good bands play. Recently I collaborated with "Sumergible", a great local band. It was awesome!

7. Do you have any advice for new independent artists who are just starting out?

Be yourself. This might sound typical, but it's true. I'm convinced that honest music reaches people. If you make the music you love, it will eventually be appreciated. That and a good marketing plan, which - spoiler alert - isn't the most fun part of independent musicianship, but very important.

8. What are your plans for the summer? Doing anything fun and exciting?

I'm planning to travel a lot, I'll go to Ireland to visit my friends and I might go backpacking through Europe. I'm especially looking forward to going to Germany and England because, beside visiting friends and family there, I´ll also play some concerts.

9. What’s coming up in the future

"We Are All Mad Here" is the second single of my upcoming EP "Alice is in Love with the Mad Hatter" that will be released this summer. I'm looking forward to sharing the project with the world! Also I'm already working on something new, which I'll talk about after the release. All I can say for now is that I'm really excited about it!

10. Tell us where fans can access your music.

You can listen to my songs, get more information and see photos and videos on my website

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